Acacia Projects Private Limited (Acacia) incorporated in February 2013, has embarked on the journey to sustainably reduce the increasing gap between food demand and supply in the world. Our name ACACIA which symbolises purity and endurance of soul and signifies resurrection and immortality guides us in achieving our vision.

Acacia specialises in agricultural production and farm management and adjacent value chain opportunities such as farm input supplies and food processing. Today, global inventory levels are near historical lows not seen since the 1970’s and food demand has outstripped supply. Over the next 40 years, global food production will need to be greater than the combined previous 10,000 years of global food production in order to meet the food demands of our planet. This provides both a daunting challenge and an unparalleled opportunity to farmers and landowners worldwide. We at Acacia look forward to helping meet this demand by partnering with farm land owners and farmers to share our progressive agricultural expertise in the world’s major agricultural markets. We look forward to continuing our commitment to increase food supplies while protecting the environment.