Our farming division operates through our affiliates and associated companies in various countries. Production to meet the customer’s requirement and quality standards demanded by the international markets is the hallmark of our farming system. We aim to maximise profits through progressive farming and preventive farming techniques.

We specialise in farm management through our unique asset light model by partnering with land owners. Land parcels which are otherwise lying vacant and are wastelands are put to productive use. In our unique business model, land owing partners bring land and fixed capital as their share. We invest the working capital for the farm operations and production and undertake day to day management of the farm.

We believe that in order to be an effective farming organization, direct farming proficiency is needed by the professionals who are managing the farms. It is no wonder that successful farmers are expert agronomists, meteorologists, engineers, economists and financial hedgers packed as one unit! Knowledge from each of these disciplines is necessary to maximize farm returns and operate a farm successfully. Acacia and its professional team members have been actively farming for over 10 years with extensive direct farming experience in Asia and Africa and bring the knowledge, skills and attitude needed for successful farming

Production of exotic vegetables such as lettuces, broccoli, colour capsicum, lemon grass, rosemary, thyme etc near Hyderabad, Mysore and Ooty
Contract production of Alfaafla in 100 acres for a large commercial dairy farm
Set in the picturesque rolling hills of Luweero District, Uganda this 1085 acres farm has all the infrastructure facilities including barbed wire fencing, housing for workers and managers, mess for workers for managers, 300 mt warehouse 3 boreholes, charcoal house, farm machinery and implements etc
In 2012-13 production season, the farm was undertaking 415 acres of pineapples, 100 acres of vegetables, 350 acres of row crops like maize, beans, sunflower
Active efforts for sustainable farming with infrastructure for rainwater harvesting, charcoal house for overnight storage before despatch to customers
Contract supplier to UN Organizations, major exporters and food processors in Uganda
Export of Pineapples, Tomato, Watermelon and Papaya to neighbouring countries – Kenya and South Sudan