As an intern at Acacia, you will be exposed first hand to the exciting world of project development and business management in India and abroad in the streams of our businesses.

Our interns share the same job responsibilities as full-time employees. So, we will give you thought-provoking projects, with clearly defined work streams and deliverables, in the hope that you will use your creativity and inventiveness to learn in our entrepreneurial environment. At the end of your internship, you would have something to show for your time spent here!

We accept internship applications all year round. However please apply two months before you hope to start on your internship, as our application process is very competitive. In addition, we can be flexible with start dates in order to accommodate motivated interns. We ask that interns stay for at least 8 weeks, as we feel that shorter engagements would not allow for sufficient immersion in or contribution to a project. We encourage motivated and qualified individuals to apply, whether undergraduates, graduate students, or those between degrees. Acacia is able to offer interns a nominal stipend.